Monitoring Report

The Pensions Regulator has set six DC Principles and a DC regulatory approach with the strategic aim of supporting the DC market in delivering good outcomes for members. Members should be placed in quality products that are effectively governed, durable and offer value for money. For more information go to The Pensions Regulator.

Pension Monitor has developed an investment monitoring report to help those running DC schemes monitor the ongoing suitability of the default strategy and the performance of each investment option, so that they can be regularly assessed against their stated investment objectives ensuring compliance to the relevant DC Principles.

Pension Quality Mark

The Pension Quality Mark (PQM) is an award which can be achieved by defined contribution pension schemes. The PQM cuts through the complexities of the pension’s landscape and gives a clear message that a pension scheme has been independently assessed and is good quality. It demonstrates to employees and potential employees that you care enough to offer a decent pension, and go beyond the minimum regulatory requirements. For more information go to Pension Quality Mark.


Pension Monitor